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here you can find out how we help and get involved with fundraising for various charities and events!

Concept Launch Partners

At Concept Launch Partners we understand how important it is to give back,  supporting local and global communities through our team or customers that we work with.

We are excited to launch this page and keep you updated with our progress.

Uganda Cricket Trip

In October 2019 CLPartners proudly sponsored Lucy and Nick who volunteered to go to Uganda for 2 weeks with the charity Cricket Without Boundaries, who use cricket as a vehicle for delivering health and social messages in sub-Saharan Africa, linking the sport to HIV/Aids, FGM, awareness and inclusivity, incorporating these messages in to coaching sessions. 

It is run almost entirely by the dedication and enthusiasm of its volunteers. A typical project will include schools and community coaching, visiting orphanages, coach education and festival days where cricket skills can be tested and the messages reinforced. All donations helped to raise money to fund training of Ugandan coaches, buy the cricket equipment, clothes etc. 

Well done Lucy and NIck


Sam in Gambia

CLPartners proudly sponsored Sam Edwards to visit Gambia to help build a school in a small village in Gambia. After meeting with the village elder, it was agreed that he would help build a small building with 2 classrooms and a kitchen area.

Sam’s particular work was to cultivate the land for crops, then collect, dig in and secure the play equipment. He also managed to tour the village and local villages nearby, where he visited some other schools built by the charity. Given he played a lot of football at home, he managed to secure a spare kit from the team he was playing for and took it with him to give to a local team to wear for their matches.

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